About Holli

Hi my name is Holli! I am the one behind all of these crazy hand paintings. As an artist and maker, I have always been fascinated with how multi-functional and necessary hands are in creating, communicating, healing, and spirituality, as well as all other aspects of day to day life. I create each hand painting to embody a character or personality. Often times inspired by my sassy friends and family or even some of my favorite TV, novel, and movie characters.
I was born and raised in Central Texas. I graduated from Texas State University where I majored in interior design with a minor in studio art. At university, my favorite assignment was a Fauve-inspired figure painting. You can see this style reflected in my work today through my use of bright and sometimes unrealistic colors. I also love playing with shapes and pattern. By combining these elements, along with character inspiration, these paintings reflect a part of me and my sense of humor.
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